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Prestressed pipeline grouting agent

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. Introduction:

Special grouting agent for highway post-tensioning method prestressed pipeline grouting agent is a kind of powdery additive, when used in a certain proportion( (Accounting for 10% of the cement content) is added to the cement, mixed with water to form a shrinkage-compensating, thixotropic grouting liquid. The additive also has the effects of high water reduction, anti-corrosion, expansion, rust resistance, etc., so that the ratio of water to cement is controlled at 0.26-0.28, and high strength is obtained after grouting.

Special grouting agent for highway grouting agent has micro-expansion, no shrinkage, large flow, self-compacting, extremely low bleeding rate, High filling degree, thin airbag foam layer, small diameter, high strength, rust and rust resistance, low alkali and no chlorine, high adhesion, and excellent performance of green and environmental protection. It does not contain oxides, chlorides, sulfites, nitrites and other harmful components to steel bars. The refined squeezing agent or the squeezing sizing agent that is refined and compounded with low-alkali and low-heat Portland cement is our company Competitive product.

Two. Application range:

Concrete non-concrete shrinkage anti-corrosion pre-stressed duct grouting agent can be used for anchoring and grouting of pre-stressed bridge ducts to prevent groundwater from corroding steel bars (such as stone anchoring) and steel strands (such as pre-tensioned steel) cable). Due to the thixotropy of the non-shrinkage and anti-corrosion prestressed grouting agent for concrete, it is more suitable for the construction of various pipeline grouting materials for grouting off the ground. Especially suitable for the construction of post-tensioned bonded pre-stressed concrete structures of large projects such as highways, bridges, and nuclear power plants.


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Three, technical indicators

four. Construction process:

1, new standard highway grouting Add 10% of the amount of cement in the agent, mix it with P.O42.5 cement, mix evenly, make a press slurry, and use it directly with water.

2. The reference water-cement ratio of the prestressed casing cement slurry is 0.26-0.28, the actual water-cement ratio It needs to be determined by experiment.

3. Prestressed casing pressure slurry and water weigh accurately, and add water strictly according to the determined water-cement ratio, not at will Adjust the amount of water added.

4. Cleaning the construction equipment: After cleaning, there should be no residue or stagnant water in the equipment, and the space of the filter screen of the mixer should be less than 3mm×3mm.

5. Slurry mixing operation sequence: first add 80-90% of the actual mixing water amount to the mixer, start the mixer, and evenly Add all the compressed slurry and stir while adding. After all the powder is added, stir for 2 minutes, and finally add the remaining 10-20% mixing water, and continue stirring for 2 minutes before use. The duration of the cement slurry from mixing to pressing into the tunnel depends on the temperature, generally within the range of 30-45min.

6. Fluidity test: Conduct an on-site fluidity test every 10 trays. Once the fluidity meets the requirements, it can pass The filter screen enters the storage tank, and the slurry should continue to be stirred in the storage tank to ensure the fluidity of the slurry.

7. Under normal circumstances, no additional water should be added during the construction process to increase fluidity.

Five. Note:

The temperature of the slurry during grouting should be between 5℃~30℃, 3d after grouting and grouting Inside, the beam body and the ambient temperature should be greater than 5°C, otherwise maintenance measures should be taken. When construction is higher than 35℃, you should choose night or morning and evening construction. When it is lower than 5℃, it should be handled according to the winter construction technical requirements, and the air content index should be increased appropriately..

Five. Packaging and storage:< /p>

u0026nbsp;50kg/bag, packaging specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

★ It should be stored indoors in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and can be stored in an environment below zero.

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