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Rebar rust inhibitor

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1. Purpose
improve the durability of concrete and greatly extend the concrete Service life, prevent the corrosion of concrete by acid, alkali, salt, CO2, SO3 and other media with water as the carrier;
effectively prevent deicing salt, freeze-thaw corrosion and damage to steel bars; low chloride ion diffusion rate Anti-corrosion function;
Protect stone, bricks, ancient buildings, etc. from water-related damage, prevent the growth of mold and moss, reduce weathering, salinization and back alkali, avoid pollution, and maintain clean.
two. Features
excellent penetration depth, good breathability 'breathing' function.
colorless and transparent, without changing the color of the base layer Exterior.
Excellent water repellency, lotus leaf water drop effect.
High alkali resistance and UV resistance.
Good repainting.
Three. Usage
1. Basic treatment: The base material must be firm, and structural defects such as cracks, looseness and fall off must be treated. To remove attached oil and pollutants, efflorescence, algae and moss, this treatment opens up capillaries and pores so that the protective agent can be absorbed.
2. Construction instructions: use a brush or roller construction. The construction tools should be soaked with protective agent. Generally, two times of wet-to-wet brushing, that is, the second brushing should be carried out when the previously painted surface is not dry. The surface of the newly immersed substrate should be protected from rain, strong wind and sun exposure within 5 hours, which will affect the penetration depth of the protective agent;
3. Construction temperature: The best construction temperature is in the range of 10℃ to 25℃. A awning can be used to prevent the surface from overheating under sun exposure.
4. Effect test: Test tube can be tested by Professor Karsten It is easy to check the impregnation effect of the protective agent on the building. The water absorption rate is tested once before immersion, and another test is performed 14 days after immersion, and the test results are recorded for comparison (see construction site records).
four. Engineering application
Shanghai Donghai Bridge Deck Protection, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Bridge Maintenance Project, Capital Airport North District Road Bridge Expansion Maintenance project
< /span>5. Dosage, packaging and storage
Dosage: 0.2~0.5 kg/㎡
Storage: Stored in a cool place above 5℃, it can be stored for six months
Package: 10kg/set

Use the protective agent after the concrete reaches at least 28 days of age;
It is not allowed to use in rainy and windy days, the base temperature is below 5℃, and construction is not allowed above 40℃;
Wear protective goggles and gloves when in use, and immediately after skin contact Rinse with water.

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