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Polymer mortar surface sealer

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Polymer mortar surface sealer

——Surface closed, chlorine ion Corroded steel bars, durability.u0026nbsp;

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< strong style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left;'>Product Features:u0026nbsp;

. Usage: u0026nbsp;

The polymer mortar surface is closed to effectively prevent The chloride ion that migrates with the water corrodes the steel bar and protects the mortar to make it more durable.
. Features:u0026nbsp;
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Excellent adhesion, firmly bond with mortar to form a protective layer, effectively preventing water and corrosive media from penetrating into the concreteu0026nbsp;

Department to prevent steel corrosion and mortar carbonization , Good aging resistance, environmental protection, simple construction, and remarkable effectu0026nbsp;

三< /span>. Usage:
Proportionally, powder: glue: water=2:1:0.3, mechanically stirred until there are no particles, ready to use, spray, brush, roll Can be applied. Dosage: about 1.2kg/㎡
four. Packaging and storage
Powder: 20kg/bag standard moisture-proof packaging, Dry storage for 6 months
Glue:20kg/bucket, store in a cool and dry place for 6 months
< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-family: 宋体;'>Five. Performance indicators

. Construction instructions
◎u0026nbsp;Basic processing
The base layer must be dense and clean , No oil, dust and other pollutants. When the base is wet and there is no clear water, the sealant is the most suitable for construction.
PlaceRM-BF polymer mortar sealant as powder: glue: water=2:1 ﹕0.3 The mass ratio is good, and it can be used after stirring evenly without lumps particles.
Spray the mixed sealant evenly to the base layer to be protected, control the spraying distance and speed, and do not miss or overspray. After the first layer is dry (with no fingerprints left under light pressure), spray the second layer in the vertical direction. The mixed sealant should be used up within 2 hours. The spray thickness of the sealant is usually controlled at about 0.8mm~1.2mm.
◎u0026nbsp;After 24 hours, you can perform other tasks on its surface.

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