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Epoxy repair mortar (quick repair mortar)

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u0026nbsp;1. Composition and characteristics< /p>

< strong style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left;'>For reinforcement of concrete structures Polymer mortar (high-strength repair mortar) is a two-component cement-based composite material modified by polymer emulsion, mainly composed of high-strength cement, polymer emulsion, and minerals< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-family: Times New Roman; color: rgb(85, 85, 85); font-size: 12px;'>
admixture, anti-cracking fiber, cement superplasticization The composition of agent, aggregate, etc. Conforms to the technical requirements of JG/T289 'Polymer mortar for reinforcement of concrete structures', used for maintenance, repair and reinforcement of concrete structures, and also complies with GB50728 'Technical Specification for Safety Appraisal of Engineering Structure Reinforcement Materials' Class I polymer mortar skills requirement.
The main features are:
◇ Super high strength, super strong bonding;
◇ no shrinkage, anti-cracking;< br/>◇ High durability, impermeability, waterproof, rust and corrosion resistance, carbonization resistance;
◇ The surface has good construction performance, does not fall, and does not need a mold;
◇ High strength, wear resistance;
◇ Easy to use, the two components are matched according to the recommendation The proportions can be mixed directly.

two. Main use
High-strength (prestressed) concrete surface defects, honeycomb and other plaster repair; shallow concrete surface (such as Fire) plastering repair; concrete erosion and spalling, exposed tendon repair; concrete anti-carbonation and anti-corrosion repair; (prestressed) steel wire rope mesh reinforcement construction; high-strength, erosion-resistant polymer mortar; humid or high temperature environment Anchor steel bars or bolts.

Three. Main performance

Four. Engineering application-concrete defect repair
4.1 Applicable scope
The surface defects, erosion, spalling, exposed tendons, bees of ordinary concrete and high-strength (prestressed) concrete in bridges, roads, hydraulics, railways, housing construction and other projects strong>
Women, fire and other surface repair.
4.2 Process flow

4.3 Usage and precautions
1. High-strength mortar, when used for ordinary-strength concrete repair, its strength has a large margin; when used for high-strength concrete repair, ensure that A , B two components are measured accurately. Containing chemical additives, it takes a certain time to dissolve and function, and its properties will change with the mixing time and mixing method.
2. Mechanical mixing must be used. According to the amount of mixing, self-made rubber mixer or mortar can be used The mixer performs mechanical mixing. Due to the addition of polymer emulsion, the mortar that has just been stirred generally contains a lot of air. It is best to let it stand for about 5 minutes until its properties are stable before proceeding.
3. In order to ensure good adhesion to the substrate, the surface of the substrate should be clean and as far as possible It is in the state of saturated surface and dry water (completely absorbs water and is saturated but has no clear water on the surface).
4. High-strength mortar should pay attention to strengthening early maintenance. After the mortar is finally set, it can be watered or covered for curing, and the wet curing time is generally no less than 7 days.
5. Depending on the construction temperature, the mixed mortar should generally be used up within 1 hour. The mortar that has been initially set shall not be mixed with water for use. This product must not be mixed with other cement, admixtures and other materials.
6. The environment temperature of mortar construction should be 5-40℃, when the construction environment temperature is lower than At 5°C, heat preservation measures should be taken.
7. For other outstanding matters, please refer to the relevant national technical specifications or obtain them from Gutebond Technical Support.
. Packaging, transportation, storage, safety
Part A (solid powder) is packed in a plastic lining woven bag with a net weight of 50kg; Part B (liquid emulsion) is packed in a 20L plastic drum.
This product should be stored in a dry, clean warehouse, pay attention to moisture. Do not stack them in the open air, let alone rain or damage the packaging. Since the date of production, the packaging is completeHershe’s valid storage period is6 months
This product does not belong to Yi Flammable, explosive, toxic and dangerous goods, which can be transported by ordinary means of transportation. The packaging must not be damaged, damp or rained during transportation.

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