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Epoxy repair mortar

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1. Product features
1,It has the properties of impermeability, frost resistance, salt resistance, alkali resistance, weak acid corrosion resistance, and strong adhesion to many materials.
2,It can be applied on the surface of wet substrate without drying, and it can be hardened in a humid environment or underwater.
3,Convenient operation and construction, similar to ordinary cement mortar construction, easy to clean, and can be cleaned with water.

II. Epoxy repair mortar product usage:
1, Used for the impact and wear resistance, cavitation resistance and Anti-freeze-thaw protection, and repair after damage.
2, It is used for defect repair and reinforcement and reinforcement of concrete buildings.
3, For chemical, petroleum, factories, docks and other concrete or metal components to resist acid, alkali and salt corrosion Protection and repair.
4,Used for anti-wear protection and repair of engineering parts such as highways, bridges, airport runways, workshops, etc. Wait.
5, is used to paste acid-resistant bricks.

3. Execution standard of epoxy repair mortar:
Technical parameters of epoxy repair mortar

Test itemsPerformance indextest results
Flexural strength (mpa)28d≥1214
Compressive strength
28d≥6069< /span>
neutralization resistance (mm)28d≥5.0 1.8
Bonding strength
< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-size: 18px;'>normal temperature normal 28d≥2.52.8
hot and cold repeated 28d≥2.02.4
Water permeability (g)u0026lt;2015
24h water absorption (g/m3)u0026lt;1000525
Water absorption coefficient (kg/cm2.h.05)

Buy acid-base performance:
< /p>

< td style='margin: 0px; padding: 0px;'>solution Concentration
corrosion medium nameCorrosion situation
Sulfuric acidPH=2 No shedding and no leakage for one year after being invaded
hydrochloric acid2%infuse for one year without shedding and no leakage
Sodium hydroxide 10%invasion without a year Falling off and no leakage
sodium oxide< /td>Saturated solutionno shedding and no leakage for one year after invading

four. Epoxy repair mortar construction process
Base surface treatment:
Treat the surface of the concrete foundation to remove the milky skin, cement paste surface or loose particles on the foundation surface to make it appear firm The base layer, and remove the surface sand, dust, grease, etc. u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>

Materialmaterial preparation
1. Check the product packaging, specifications, model, and production date to ensure that the product is within the warranty period specified by the manufacturer.
2,Open the lid of the packaging drum, and check that the A, B, and C materials inside are not damaged, spilled, or damp and agglomerated Phenomenon, assembly in each barrel u0026nbsp;

The ratio is A material: B material: C material = 1:3:24 . u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>

3、When mixing the ingredients, first mix the ingredients A and B in a ratio of 1:3 Pour into the bucket and stir and mix evenly, and then slowly add material C while stirring, until the mixture is evenly mixed. u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>

Construction instructions
According to the construction requirements of the project, use a spatula to smear the configured mastic on the repaired part. When smearing, it must be compacted and polished. It can be put into use 3 to 14 days after completion.

1, Configuration Good glue must be used up within 45 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to use the glue that has not been evenly stirred or is in the initial setting state.
2. Material A and material B will be slightly delamination after being stored for a long time. Shake well before use. use. u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>

5. Packaging and storage
< /p>

1. Standard packaging specifications: 20kg/barrel for barrels, 50kg/bag for bags, non-flammable and non-flammable It can be transported as general freight.
2. This product should be stored in a dry, cool place, the storage period is 6 months.


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