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High-strength epoxy mortar (oily)

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High-strength epoxy mortar (oily)high strength epoxy mortar It is a special material for concrete repair and reinforcement construction in harsh environments. It is suitable for the repair of concrete under the environment of anti-erosion, anti-cavitation and freeze-thaw resistance of hydraulic construction; concrete repair of chemical plants, wharfs, bridges, culverts, airport runways, etc. It has high strength, high adhesion, good toughness, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

1. Application range
1. Repair and reinforcement of defects in concrete structures, honeycombs and pockmarked surfaces;
2. Repair and protection of anti-washing, anti-cavitation and anti-freeze-thaw damage of the overflow surface of hydraulic structures;
3. Anti-acid, alkali and salt corrosion protection and Patch;
4. Repair and reinforcement of main stress-bearing components such as highways and bridges;
5. Anti-wear protection and repair of engineering parts such as airport runways and workshops;
6. Surface defects of concrete pipes and rapid sealing and bonding of joints;
7. Repair of ground wear in workshops, warehouses, etc.;
8. Pouring repair of prefabricated component assembly gap.

Two. Features
1. Impact resistance, resistance Vibration, high compressive strength;
2. Good adhesion to the old concrete base;
3. It can be bonded to the moist base layer, which is green and environmentally friendly.

Three, performance indicators

NumberProjectTechnical indicators
1Compressive strength (MPa)≥85
2flexural strength (MPa)≥15
3Tension bond strength with concrete (MPa)≥3.0
4operable time (20℃), min≤30
5initial setting time (20℃), h≤2

Four. How to use
1, basic requirements and processing< /strong>
Grinding to remove the loose layer on the surface of the concrete base layer, exposing solid aggregates, thoroughly sweeping away the floating dust on the surface, the base layer must be firm and dry; no wide cracks . u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>

2、Material preparationu0026nbsp;

The order of seasoning: must mix part A and part B well, and add powder;u0026nbsp;

Glue ratio:Part Au0026nbsp;:Part B=4 : 1;20(weight ratio );
Mortar ratio:Part Au0026nbsp;:Part B:powder=4: 1 : 20 ( Weight ratio), adjust the powder dosage according to the temperature, elevation or plane construction;
A and B component take-out containers should be used separately, each time the ingredients should not be too much, and use them as you prepare them, and use them up within 30 minutes. u0026nbsp;< br style='font-family: u0026quot;Microsoft yaheiu0026quot;;'/>


Press mortar:The surface becomes sticky ( u0026nbsp;After touching the glue with your hands, there is a wire drawing phenomenon),u0026nbsp;press and wipe the prepared immediatelyMortar, compact and light at the same time;
< strong style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left;'>Cure
: Dry curing for 7 days before use.

5. Packaging and storage
1 .Packaging: Group A 20kg/drum, Group B 20kg/drum, powder 50kg/bag;
< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-family: Times New Roman; line-height: 25px; font-size: 18px;'>2. Storage: Store in a dry and cool place above 5℃, the shelf life of unopened is 12 months.

VI. Matters needing attention
When used on site, it is strictly forbidden to mix any admixtures or admixtures. Do not mix with materials produced by other manufacturers to ensure the quality of the project;


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