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A two-component polymer mortar

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1.Bridge structure steel wire rope (strand wire) meshPolymer mortar and special mortar for reinforcement construction method.

2.Beam, column, floor and other parts of steel wire rope (strand wire) meshPolymer mortar external layer reinforcement construction method supporting special mortar.

3.Reinforce concrete structures.

4. repair and reinforcement of cracks, holes, spalling and other parts of the building.

5.Concrete construction and reinforcement of factory buildings corroded by corrosive gas;

< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-family: Verdana; letter-spacing: 0px; font-size: 18px;'>6.Reinforcement of fiber-reinforced polystyrene insulation board for wall, ceiling and roof insulation Layer;

7.Concrete honeycomb , Loopholes, cracks, protective layer damage, leaking ribs and other defects repair.



antiu0026nbsp;Chong u0026nbsp;click——After pouring1-3Tian flexural strength is as high as 5MPa

stickyu0026nbsp;Sexu0026nbsp; Good——Good mortar spreadability and quick construction span>

antiu0026nbsp; Oldu0026nbsp;——3000Hourly rapid test without appearance defects

antiu0026nbsp;Frozenu0026nbsp;sexual— —300There is no abnormality in freezing and thawing cycles for more than one time< /span>

antiu0026nbsp;strippingu0026nbsp;Li—— Combination of new and old interface Firm, high tensile strength

u0026nbsp ;

Three.【Construction Method]

1?Grass-roots treatment: The surface of the grass-roots should be smooth, rough, clean, free of oil pollution, no floating dust, and should not have sand, hollow, cracks, etc. Before construction, use a high-pressure water gun to rinse and keep it in a damp state, but there must be no water.


2?Material preparation: according to mass ratio Sort the material as powder: emulsion=6∶1The weight ratio is weighed and placed. Pour the actual amount of90% into the lotion first and stir In the tank, add powder and stir.1~< /span>2 minutes. Then pour the remaining 10% into the jar Stir evenly in the middle. The prepared paste should be in0.51Use up within hours.


3?Construction: on wet concrete First, evenly coat the surface of the base layer with a two-component polymer mortar primer (powder: emulsion by weight ratio3∶1), while applying the first two-component polymer mortar. The construction area at one time should not be too large, and the construction should be divided into sections and blocks. Each block should not be larger than10㎡, the staggered construction interval should not be less than24hours. In the layered construction, the positions of the remaining seams should be staggered.


4?first-level two-component aggregation After paving the mortar, it should be sprayed with water and pressure wiped and flattened at one time. Repeated wipe pressure should not be used. It should be pierced when there is air bubbles, and the surface should be dense. The thickness of the facade or top surface layer is greater than10mm The construction should be layered. The thickness of each layer should be 510mm, wait until the previous layer’s fingers are dry before proceeding to the lower layer construction.


5?Maintenance: first level double group After the construction of the polymer mortar, the surface should be spray-cured or covered with straw curtains and sack to keep it wet after the surface is dry to the touch. The curing temperature is not lower than 5℃. First-level two-component polymer mortar construction24hours After that, cover with plastic sheet for damp curing7Tian, ??yes Water can be sprayed on the surface regularly when the conditions are met.

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