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Modified epoxy grout

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Product description:

akau0026nbsp;Epoxy glueu0026nbsp;Epoxy groutingu0026nbsp;Epoxy Mortaru0026nbsp;epoxyu0026nbsp;Epoxy concreteu0026nbsp;high-strength epoxy mortar, epoxy concrete, The formulation solution of epoxy grouting material.


1. Composition and characteristics

< span style='padding: 0px; margin: 0px; text-align: left; transition: all 0.2s linear 0s; font-family: Microsoft Yahei; letter-spacing: 0px; font-size: 18px;'>no solvent , Three-component modified epoxy resin mortar, with good fluidity and extremely high strength. It can be flexibly used to prepare high-strength epoxy mortar, epoxy concrete, epoxy castable (grouting) according to needs, and is widely used in concrete structure repair, reinforcement, grouting, anchoring, and floor construction.


Two. Its main features are:
◇ Good fluidity;
◇ High mechanical strength, strong bonding ability;
◇ The application is flexible, convenient and economical, and can be formulated into mortar or concrete;
◇ High resistance, impact resistance , Fatigue resistance;
◇ Anti-aging and medium resistance (acid, alkali and Water, etc.) Good;
◇ The curing conditions are loose, can be cured under higher air humidity, and the curing speed is fast;
◇ The hardening process does not change color, and the color of hardened material is basically the same as that of concrete;
◇ It can bond steel, concrete, rock, glass, wood and other materials with a wide range of applications;
< /span>◇ No volatile solvent, small shrinkage when hardened;
◇ Easy to use, non-toxic.

Three. Applicable conditions

Preparation of special epoxy mortar or concrete for high strength (early strength), repair, grouting, anti-corrosion, etc.; grouting for equipment foundation, bridge support, prestressed tunnel, column base plate, track installation, etc.; Anchor bolts, guide rails, railing columns, etc.; used with JN-P for suspension bridge construction.
The maximum thickness of one-time pouring should not exceed 4cm, and the ambient temperature is 25 ℃.

Epoxy grout description.png

four. Main performance< /p>

Epoxy resin grout description 1.png

5. How to use

1. Clean and dry the surface of the construction site materials. Clean the concrete surface dust, looseness, oil stains, etc., and carry out derusting, degreasing, and polishing treatments on the surface of the steel plate.
2. Prepare a scale, a clean container for dispensing glue, dry cotton yarn, a spatula, a glue mixer, etc.
3. Preparation of glue. According to the estimated amount of glue, weigh the two liquid components A (resin) and B (curing agent) according to the recommended proportion of glue, pour them into a clean container, stir evenly with a stirrer, and make a glue liquid. The recommended glue ratio is A (resin): B (curing agent)=3:1 (weight ratio)
4. Add appropriate amount of component C (aggregate) to the prepared glue, and stir Stir the device evenly again. The weight ratio is: A:B:C=3:1:30
5. Each ingredient must be weighed and used with the ingredients, and the amount of glue should not be too much, otherwise It is difficult to stir evenly and may cause unnecessary waste. As the temperature rises or the amount of glue increases, the operating time of the castable will be shortened accordingly.
6. When the construction temperature in winter is low, the viscosity of the castable will increase significantly. At this time, each component can be properly heated before the ingredients (generally not more than 50℃), and the mixing time (using mechanical exotherm) or maturation (putting the prepared castable for a certain period of time to use the reaction exothermic) ) Method can also achieve a certain heating effect.

7. The epoxy reaction heats up a lot, and the volume of the pouring construction is large In order to avoid cracking, the method of layered casting should be adopted, and the thickness of each casting should not exceed 4cm. Appropriately increasing the amount of aggregate can reduce the reaction exotherm.

8. During the pouring (grouting) construction, the pouring process should be reasonable to Ensure its compactness.

VI. Packaging, transportation, storage, safety

This product uses three-component packaging; A (liquid resin), B (liquid curing agent) group It is packed in plastic drums, and component C (aggregate particles) is packed in woven bags. The packaging form can also be negotiated separately according to customer requirements.


this Products should be sealed and stored in a dry and clean warehouse at an ambient temperature of 5℃-40℃. They should not be stacked in the open or exposed to rain. They should not be stored for a long time after the package is opened. Different types of adhesives and A and B components should be used.
Obviously label storage to avoid mixing. From the date of production, the effective storage period is 6 months when the packaging is intact.

This product is not a flammable, explosive, or toxic dangerous product. Exposure to the sun or rain, do not tilt or turn it upside down.

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