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Cement-based grouting

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Secondary installation and anchoring of large precision equipment for cement grouting.
for pouring gap ≤3-5mm Various grouting projects
II. Technical Features
1, early Strong and strong: the equipment is installed Production can be run after three days.
2: Just add water and stir on site, directly pour into the equipment foundation, and fill the equipment without shaking All gaps in the foundation.
3. Micro expansion: to ensure close contact between the equipment and the foundation.
4, no corrosion, oil seepage resistance.
5. Durability: 2 million fatigue tests, 50 freeze-thaw cycle test strengths have no significant changes.
6. Good weather resistance -40℃~600℃ for long-term safe use.
Three, test indicators

Four. Packaging and storage
1, this product is plastic Woven bag, the packing specification is 50 kg/bag. u0026nbsp;
2. This product is unopened and should be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Under normal storage and transportation conditions.

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